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The Wandering Monkey® Co. Ltd


"The Wandering Monkey® Co." was founded in 2004 to offer an original approach to Travel retail for children and families. Our aim has always been to ensure that the retailers’ needs are met and the customer goes away with a smile. At Wandering Monkey® we realise how important it is to keep children happy when travelling and ‘on the move’ and so we manage a range that is focused on providing entertainment and education for kids on the move.


The Wandering Monkey® thrives on this focus. Our fun, vibrant and colourful range of activities aim to relieve parents from the common frustrations of travelling with young children by providing exciting and safe activities to entertain and educate kids for hours.


The range is specifically designed and developed for travel retail, being compact in size but expansive in activities, with bold and original designs in vibrant colours enticing children and parents alike.

Recently, in order to offer even more to our customers, we have added new products to our range. These products follow the theme of keeping kids and adults entertained on the move and providing a range of accessories and gifts to make that happen.


Our philosophy is simple -


At Wandering Monkey®, we want to make travel of any distance or destination, more fun for the whole family. We promise lots of adventures and a rich learning experience for children and their parents too. We want children to travel around the globe and like the monkey, become curious enough to want to explore and learn about the different countries they visit, the cultures they have, the people and the animals that live there...even help them think about how they might be able to make the world a little better themselves.


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